Green Core Solar Air Conditioner

The GreenCore solar powered air conditioner combines the most efficient photovoltaic technology with DC engineered air conditioning innovation, to provide climate control that does not contribute to green house gas emissions and global warming.

  • The thermostatically controlled GreenCore solar powered air conditioner provides mechanical cooling air conditioning without the high operating cost associated with even the most efficient traditional AC powered air conditioners.

Hybrid Operation

  •  The GreenCore 10200 has been designed to efficiently operate as a hybrid air conditioning unit, automatically switching from solar to battery power. When the sun is not available to charge the batteries through the solar panels, the system will allow the batteries to be charged by AC power during off peak hours- allowing for Òload shiftingÓ when electric power is less expensive.
  • And imagine this the amount of AC electricity needed to fully charge the batteries for three hours is less than the energy required for a typical coffee maker!

Off-the-Grid Operation

  • When AC power is not available to supplement the charging of the batteries, by simply increasing the number of solar panels and/or batteries, the GreenCore 10200 will operate completely grid free through energy captured from the sun. This energy stored in the batteries will allow the system to run even on hot summer nights.

Imagine..... Both Heating and Cooling from the Sun

  • The GreenCore 10200 is also available with an optional heating component, providing complete climate control on hot humid days, as well as frigid nights.



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